Unique Presents For Father’s Day

Not sure what to get your dad for Father’s Day this year? Chocolates a bit played out? Bought him one too many tools over the years? Fear not, we have you covered with creative and budget-friendly ideas that almost every kind of dad will love!


Get him a book subscription

If your dad is an avid reader then you can’t go past a book subscription, they make the perfect presents for father’s day! There are many different options out there, from services with major booksellers that will allow your dad to read as many books as he wants each month, or even perfectly curated books or if he doesn’t have time to read get him a subscription for audible books to listen to on the train or whilst he’s driving – it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving and allows him hours of entertainment.


Get him something unique

A pair of Ty Beanie Boos animals with big eyes

When it comes to finding presents for father’s day it’s the thought that counts. Getting the perfect gift for your dad is about finding something that will make him feels special, which means finding the best beanie boo or anything that reflects your relationship and shows him how well you know him and how much you care about him.


Find him something for his home

Home décor make the perfect presents for father’s day. This is one of those categories where you can find something to suit almost any dad, from beautiful bookends to a nice table lamp or a beautiful vintage item, there’s sure to be something that your dad would love to have displayed in his home! This is a great way to show him that you know and appreciate his style.


Get him a grooming kit

grooming kit

Everyone always gets mum grooming items, like soaps and pretty smelling perfumes but dad’s appreciate styling options just as much! Grooming kits make the perfect presents for father’s day. From shaving to trimming his moustache, your dad will no doubt find a use for his grooming kit every single day. Nice beard grooming kits are a great way to help him look after his skin and hair and will help him to keep his facial hair in tip-top condition, this is perfect if you want to give your dad a practical gift that he will appreciate every day of the week.


Get him leather accessories

Leather accessories are a great option for presents for father’s day, from laptop bags, to wallets, pocket pouches, phone covers, shoes and belt, beautiful leather accessories look wonderful and will last many years. Leather looks fantastic new and beautiful as it ages, so this is a great and long-lasting gift idea that he will appreciate. When it comes to buying leather accessories, make sure you look out for good quality and workmanship and avoid purchasing faux leather products as these won’t last as long and won’t look as good.


Get him a cocktail kit

If your dad likes to drink, he’ll surely appreciate a nice cocktail kit. Get him a shaker set or if he’s more of a bourbon or whiskey man why not get him a nice crystal glass set, they make wonderful presents for father’s day and he’ll love enjoying his favourite booze from a premium quality glass. Another great gift idea is a flask or even his favourite kind of liquor.


Get him a tea set

If your dad loves to relax with a cup of tea then why not get him a beautiful tea set? A proper teapot for brewing his tea can make a huge difference and he’ll no doubt appreciate a gift that he can use every day at tea time!