Tips For Working With Child Custody Lawyers

If you are going through a divorce, you might be facing a dispute with your ex-partner over the future care of any kids you have between you. It is very important that the best interests of these kids are considered at all times to ensure they don’t become victims of their parent’s squabbling.

If you are seeking to fight for the right to have primary care over your kids, then it would make sense for you to engage a child custody lawyer to assist you in negotiations, represent you in court and give you general advice on how to proceed. However, your chances of getting an ideal outcome are greatly increased when you know how to work effectively with your solicitor so that they are fully enabled to do the best job they possibly can on your behalf.

Let’s take a look at some crucially important tips for working with child custody lawyers.


Don’t get caught up trying to punish your ex

If your ex-partner was unfaithful or was the instigator of what caused the breakdown of your relationship, it can be easy to seek to punish them by trying to deny them access to your kids. In the most extreme cases, this has caused one party to fabricate stores of abuse dished out by the other in order to jeopardise their chances of getting visitation rights.

This kind of vindictive thinking isn’t helpful to you, your kids and the court system – your child custody lawyer won’t advise it. A good solicitor will do their best work when you are on the same page with them and approaching issues with an analytical mind, rather than with an emotional one.

Also, this kind of behaviour is going to make the process take longer and prolong the distress that the split is undoubtedly already causing your kids. While you may really despise your ex, are they honestly so bad they shouldn’t be trusted with their own kids? Acknowledging that you and your ex both should have a right to continue a relationship with your offspring despite your personal grievances is the best way forward when working with child custody lawyers.


Listen to your child custody lawyer and follow their advice

lawyer-client shaking handsWhile this might seem like obvious advice, many people don’t realise when they are second guessing their solicitor’s opinion and negatively impacting their own chances of success. While access to your kids is obviously a highly sensitive and important issue for you, you need to trust in your child custody lawyer so that they can be enabled to be successful on your behalf.

There’s no point in hiring a consultant for their advice and expertise if you are going to neglect them. Make sure you hire someone that you can get along with and develop a good working relationship.


Keep an eye on your mental and physical well-being

During periods of high emotional stress, like divorce proceedings, it can be all too easy for you too forget about eating properly and getting exercise. While it’s understandable why you might let things go awry a little bit, you should remain vigilant so that you don’t cause yourself more undue stress due to a lack of energy or low self-esteem.

As you can see, there’s plenty to think about when you’re trying to work effectively with child custody lawyers.