4 Benefits Of Wearing Prescription Sunglasses

While a lot of us wear contact lenses or conventional frames for general use, a lot of spectacle-wearers disregard the need for prescription sunglasses. Indeed, they are often overlooked because they are viewed as an unnecessary expense – tinted specs are designed to protect your eyes from sunlight and glare only, right? Well, it turns out you can have the best of both worlds: clear vision and glare protection for your eyes. Still think it’s an unnecessary expense? Check out the following reasons why prescription sunglasses should be on your next shopping list.


Better daylight vision

Wearing your normal spectacles when out during the day can be annoying. If you like to hit the beach or go hiking in the late afternoon summer glow, you’ll want to make sure that you can see clearly. People can sometimes find it graceless to be wearing thick, chunky specs. Thankfully, prescription sunglasses can be stylish and affordable, while offering you superior vision. Not only that, they’ll protect your eyes against uv-rays generated from sunlight, which can be harmful for your eyes.


No more irritating glare

Don’t you just hate it when you’re driving and the sun’s glare pokes through the trees over the horizon, almost blinding you? If you need tailored spectacles to legally drive, then you certainly need prescription sunglasses for those especially glary days.

If you are spending the day at the beach or in the park, the sunlight reflecting off the water can irritate your eyes quite significantly. Beam lights can also be very difficult to deal with visually. Wearing tinted frames, however, will reduce this glare and minimise the damage it can have on your eyes.


Extensive frame selection

Another great benefit of prescription sunglasses is the comprehensive range of frame styles you can choose from. Put simply, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to picking a specific frame or style that you think works with your face structure and features. Aviators are viewed as one of the most popular options for spec-wearers, primarily because of their simple style (wide frames) and comfortability.

Even if Aviators aren’t really your thing, then consider moving to other styles, including the following:


Cate-eye prescription sunglasses can vary in terms of width, height and even shape. They are functionally beneficial because they cover more of the person’s face, protecting their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Semi-rimless spectacles have been around for years yet seemed to have embraced a popularity resurgence in recent years. They were invented way back in 1947 and were known then as “clubman shades.” If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, think about John Lennon or Colonel Sanders.


Shield shades look like the protective eyewear that court players wear, like tennis or badminton players. They consist of a large, single lens that wraps around the entire eye. If you’re planning on spending a long day in the sun, shield prescription sunglasses are your best bet.


Wayfarer shades bring a whole new level of class and “coolness” to the world of designer shades. They’ve been around since the 1950s, during which time they became particularly popular because of film icon and teen heart-throb, James Dean. What makes this style so great is the fact that they are timeless, versatile and protect your eyes from the sun– suitable for any face structure.


Easier than contacts

Finally, prescription sunglasses are simply better and easier than using contacts. Sure, contact lenses save you having to buy eyewear for when you go out, but if you don’t properly take care of your contact lenses, you could contract an eye infection. Keep it simple and stick with tinted eyewear for when you go out in the daylight!