3 Tips For Making The Best Possible Wedding Invitations

Getting married is super exciting and it’s no surprise that you want to let everyone that you want to attend know about it with a series of beautiful wedding invitations. These special letters are individually addressed to each recipient and their significant other (if they have one) to let them know where and when the ceremony is going to take place and acts as their formal ticket into the party.

However, designing the perfect wedding invitations is often easier said than done, especially when you consider how many different variations there are today. As quirky and alternative marriage ceremonies are becoming more popular and this is also extending to the type of letters sent out to prospective attendees.

While, in the grand-scheme of things, wedding invitations are only a small part of all the planning you need to do – they are extremely important to get right. If you mess up your letters, your guests will be confused at best and insulted at worst.

Let’s take a look at 3 tips for making excellent wedding invitations.


1.     Choose a clear, legible font that’s consistent with your theme

One of the most important considerations for wedding invitations is the type of font that is used on them. Of course, since you’re not just sending an email this letter is going to be a little more embellished and indulgent in the way it shares information.

The problem with fancy fonts of different colours is that they can be hard or impossible for people to read when they aren’t incorporated correctly. If you use a light coloured, cursive font on a light-coloured background, people are going to strain to make out what you’ve written.

Similarly, if you use a black font on a dark-coloured background it will be equally as difficult for people to read. It’s prudent to do a test mock of your invites before you send them off for mass printing so you can ensure they are appropriately legible for recipients.


2.     Don’t overcrowd with useless information

The point of the wedding invitations is to inform your prospective guests that they are expected to attend. If you put lots of other stuff in the letter it’s going to distract from the core message and potentially just bore people to tears.

Just stick to the important details and make sure your language is formal and polite. Of course, a heavily-stylised ceremony might benefit from an elaborate letter than makes clear what the aesthetic theme is going to be.


3.     Get them out of the way early

Don’t leave your wedding invitations to the last minute! People really appreciate a lot of notice when you ask them to attend your ceremony since they may need to take time off work, cancel other plans and rent formal wear to dress in.

The less notice you give, the less people will show up. You would hate to have a ceremony that was only half-filled with guests because you procrastinated sending out your wedding invitations.

As you can see, taking care of your wedding invitations doesn’t need to be difficult if you get an early start and are consistent with your design vision. There are plenty of stores you can go to that specialise in helping you design the perfect letter combination to send to all your guests so they are excited for your big day!