3 Tips For Choosing And Working Effectively With A Criminal Lawyer In Paramatta

If you’re facing the scrutiny of the police and have been charged with an offence, you’ll obviously want to have a competent legal representative on your side. They will work to defend your rights as well as prepare and execute a defence strategy.

If you live in Sydney’s western suburbs, you’d might end up choosing to work with a talented criminal lawyer in Melbourne. However, solicitors come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning that you can’t rush your decision or assume that you won’t need to do anything once you hire them.

In order to give you the absolute best chance of success in your case, you need to be careful when selecting one of the criminal lawyers in Melbourne as well as know how to work effectively with them. With that said, let’s take a look at some important tips you should keep in mind when engaging a defence solicitor.


1.      Do a thorough search and compare practitioners


There’s no shortage of criminal lawyers in Melbourne for you to choose from and the first thing you’ll want to do is start to narrow down your possible options. Firstly, you want to eliminate solicitors who don’t specialise in the area of law you’re dealing with – you wouldn’t want a solicitor who only specialises in traffic matters representing you in a manslaughter trial.

It’s a good idea to browse their website and familiarise yourself with their ‘about’ sections, learning about their qualifications, accolades and past accomplishments. You should also be able to glean a sense of what their work style is and what kind of personality they have by looking at testimonials left by past clients.

You should also browse the site to ascertain what their pricing model is and how exactly you’ll be charged for their services. If you got to a larger firm, make sure that you are actually paying to work with an experienced solicitor rather than a junior associate or someone less qualified.


2.      Interview them

The most important step in gauging the suitability of the various criminal lawyers in Melbourne is getting a one-on-one interview with them where you can get a sense of how working with them will be like. Most solicitors will offer you a free initial consultation where they will review your case and briefly explain what approach they might take so they can convince you to hire them.


Because of the high stakes that comes with police matters such as fines, imprisonment and etc. it can be very easy to be seduced by a solicitor who promises you an ideal result right from the start. As with any other kind of consultant; if what they’re saying sounds too good to be true then it probably is.


3.      Establish clear lines of communications

One of the biggest frustrations that ruins working relationships between solicitors and their clients is a lack of clear communication. When engaging a criminal lawyer in Melbourne it’s absolutely essential that you’ve established a way to easily contact them and for them to easily contact you.

Doing this not only minimised the chance of misunderstandings or arguments, it reduces the chances of either of you making a mistake and helps keep your case organised. Presenting an organised and confident defence is a big factor in police proceedings.

Hopefully the above will help you to find and work effectively with one of the many criminal lawyers in Melbourne.